Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Umrah experience

It’s about 4 month that I’m not posting any picture to share with….
Its was a blessed for me finally on 17 August I manage to have my first Umrah with my husband…..its really great journey and experience ….I’m not good in writing but I can only share my pictures….pictures will tell a thousand of stories…..
At Madinah...Nabawi Mosque
At Mecca...


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Durian is one of my favorite fruit especially durian kampong. Now the season is coming and me and family really enjoy eating durian either we buy it or import from my husband kampong. My husband aunty only have about 5 trees at the back of their house, not a big dusun but I really enjoy eating durian under cherry tree together with my family.

Since my husband is a busy man we must make a time to go back to kampong just to eat durian. It’s only take a day to me to enjoy eating durian and brings back to Kajang.

I can eat durian at the morning, afternoon and even at night before sleep..hehhhehe
I like the one which is sweet, taste like milk and not so thick. Its 5 of us but only my son doesn’t really bother about eating durian..He will say….yakssss when you offer to him……

Anyway for me durian is something special fruit and it’s very enjoyable when you eat durian at dusun with kampong environment together with your family…

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pulau Perhentian

Every years May is the month that reminds me a lot of memories and always makes me thinks how to become a better mother and better wife…..because this month on 29 May 2009 is our 10 years anniversary. Alhamdulliah……..

I have a lots of plan for him but finally we decide to celebrate our anniversary by going back where our first honeymoon which is at Pulau Perhentian. I love Perhentian it such as beautiful place and very relaxing….We decide to go by bus….mmmm I don’t really remember when is my last ride?....its quite challenging for both of us especially when we going back to Kuala Lumpur. It took 8 hours going by bus and arrives at jetty Kuala Besut. From jetty we took 35 minutes by speed boat to go to Pulau.

We stayed at Perhentian Island Resort for 3 days 2 night, we snorkeling, went to other beach to see sunset and jungle trekking ….we really have fun…remind us the good old days……

So just enjoy the pictures…pictures will tell a thousand story……

Monday, April 6, 2009

Phnom Penh Part One

Dated 19 Mac my husband had a business trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. My husband had an education fair at University Mekong. I’m quite worried when I think about Khmer Rouge history and with slow development in Cambodia. After a while I decided to follow my husband to get some experience to see poor countries, but deep inside I really hope that I can go to Angkor Wat ( one of the seven wonders) even though its quite impossible to do so because its takes 5 to 6 hours to go there by bus from Phnom Penh.

Before I go I make a little bit studies regarding Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. As a landscape lover I need to plan the place that I will not miss to spend my time. After make a few research places, angle and others I still believe that I should go to Angkor Wat…still hoping….

Before I continued my great experiences after 5 days at Phnom Penh it makes me to think and think and how lucky am I that I live in Malaysia….how beautiful and peaceful our country….until now…I still feel that my thankful to Allah is not enough…..

Day One at Phnom Penh my arrived time is about 6.00 p.m but its almost sunset, but my husband is rushing at that time to go to university. At night my husband and I took tuk-tuk to just look around the town at night. It cost me around 5 dollar….its quite expensive…

Day Two.. I woke up early in the morning to capture the sunrise.. I went to Tonle Sap, surprisingly near the river its so dirty and smelly to be hang out and enjoy the sunrise….its a beautiful sunrise but its hard for me to enjoy it just because of the smelly surrounding…urggghhhh ….and homeless slept near the river bank…..i really feel sad to see poor people begging and selling. Eating is the most difficult thing at Phnom Penh, I just eat at hotel or KFC nearby my hotel, Holiday Villa…
After taking a few shot we going back to hotel walaaaa its quite busy morning to cross our hotel….the road the motor bike really hectic…

Today I spent most of the time at Mekong University, Kedutaan Malaysia, The Russian Market and Central Market.

Shopping its not my priority…in my head its all about photography…all the moment I should not let it gone and pass by without capturing it…. At evening I try to get sunset.so I went to Boeung Kak lake waiting the sunset but unfortunately the sunset its not what I am expecting but it just something to share with….and its still a beautiful moment...
To be continued......

Friday, April 3, 2009

My Nephew

Miss my blog very much….actually a lot of story to share with…especially on my photography activities…..after the amazing race I took my new nephew pictures before he went back to Kota Tinggi…….He is so adorable and love to cry when he wants milk and drink it impatience. His named was Zaimil Rifqi Bin Zaimil Azhar, birth on 26 February 2009…such a cute boy…I’m so happy for my brother for his new born baby boy…

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing Photo Race 2009 by FMDC

On 28.02.2009 Fotomedia Malaysia (FMDC) has organized Amazing Photo Race as one of activities for members. One group consists of 3 members me, Diana and Ruwaida. My group name was HOT MAMA MIA….there was 16 groups all of them. I salute all the committee, jury and all the ‘otai’ to conduct activities and give us the opportunity to learn and to know other FMDC members. I really learn a lot and have fun

There was 3 check points in this game, KL Sentral-KLCC-Masjid Jamek and Central Market-KL Sentral. Every of check point we need to collect 15 pictures according to theme such as “reading”, “five”, “father and son”. This game must be finished about 2 hours for every check point but then its quite a struggle to my group because for me its difficult to figure out all the pictures, wait for the moment, angle and unique…. .

While completing the task I really have fun with my group because we hot mama mia…he he..he…we run, jump, laugh and on the same time thinking…yeaaah actually we don’t take this game seriously….we want to experience it….and now we know the beauty of it….patience to wait the moment, think fast to capture the moment, being lucky, strategies to win…manage the time and teamwork….

We finished all the pictures at about 6 p.m….and we fell exhausted and ooowh my leg in pain. need a massage

Even though we didn’t win anything for the main prizes but at least we win for the most sporting group…..nothing to do with any of those pictures….=)…

At the end of the day what I’ve learn is how to take a better pictures, think creative, teamwork, enjoy….and now me and my Nikon D80 we create more understanding for both of us….=))))

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bukit Broga

Last Saturday me and my husband went to do something adventure, we went climbing the small hill Bukit Broga located at Semenyih. Actually this place was suggested by my officemate Alan wee and Wong. On Saturday me make a move around 6.30a.m to search the place. It’s a lesson for me because I didn’t search the place before I really want to go there. Unfortunately we lost about 2 hours just to find the place which is located just near our house…maybe its so early which we can’t find the signboard of University Nottingham which is the best landmark to reach the place…..
Finally at 9.00 am we found the place…..its quite disappointed…..I miss the sunrise….
My husband promises me that tomorrow we try to climb again.
Even its late I try to climb ….mmmm its really need fitness even though the hill its not really difficult but then without any preparation such as water …I manage to get only at the first peak out of 3 peaks….mmm its just frustrated.....

On the next morning we really prepared all the things such as water, chocolate, small towel and torchlight…hope I manage to reach the top……mmm climbing in the early morning really gives you a peace of mind….about 45 minutes I reach the first peak…..
And at the second peak…..all my tiredness just gone when I see the view, I feel the cold wind……I wait there to see the sunrise…..after a while I move to third peak……
It such beautiful scenery….up here……you feel free….calm…and relax…..

At 8.30 I make a move to go down…ooooo this is tougher…it will take less time as compared while we climbing because to go down its easy you to slip and fall and your feet start to shaking…..just be careful you won’t fall…..
So just enjoy all the pictures and I will come again to take more pictures with different angle…..

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