Friday, April 3, 2009

My Nephew

Miss my blog very much….actually a lot of story to share with…especially on my photography activities…..after the amazing race I took my new nephew pictures before he went back to Kota Tinggi…….He is so adorable and love to cry when he wants milk and drink it impatience. His named was Zaimil Rifqi Bin Zaimil Azhar, birth on 26 February 2009…such a cute boy…I’m so happy for my brother for his new born baby boy…


  1. Zaimil looks very adorable. Nice photoshots.

  2. Kak, shima ingat anak iela tadi...he22

  3. auwwww..
    i love baby..
    some one can give to me:)..
    comel la baby tu kak.


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