Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rifqi again

Rifqi again??? Sorry If this picture bored you all…I love to take his picture because he is the only one my nephew from my side. At this moment he is really in a good mood even though no smile, no eye contact but I have my first kiss from him…….I’m sooooo happy……eeeeeee felt like wanna bite his chubby cheeks……


mmmm dont wanna smile

eeee geram

Friday, March 4, 2011

Baby Adam

Baby Adam….is a son of my friend, Alyza… thanks for giving me the opportunity to capture her son picture as a sweet memory to share with. I’m not professional but I try my best and I’ve learned a lot during this session. I agree it’s not easy to take baby picture….it is challenging but I really have fun with Adam...and just enjoy my humble picture….thanks for other photographer that inspired me as an amateur in this field.

baby adam

baby adam

sweet dream


Adam with mama

Adam with mummy

holding baby

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