Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amazing Photo Race 2009 by FMDC

On 28.02.2009 Fotomedia Malaysia (FMDC) has organized Amazing Photo Race as one of activities for members. One group consists of 3 members me, Diana and Ruwaida. My group name was HOT MAMA MIA….there was 16 groups all of them. I salute all the committee, jury and all the ‘otai’ to conduct activities and give us the opportunity to learn and to know other FMDC members. I really learn a lot and have fun

There was 3 check points in this game, KL Sentral-KLCC-Masjid Jamek and Central Market-KL Sentral. Every of check point we need to collect 15 pictures according to theme such as “reading”, “five”, “father and son”. This game must be finished about 2 hours for every check point but then its quite a struggle to my group because for me its difficult to figure out all the pictures, wait for the moment, angle and unique…. .

While completing the task I really have fun with my group because we hot mama mia…he he..he…we run, jump, laugh and on the same time thinking…yeaaah actually we don’t take this game seriously….we want to experience it….and now we know the beauty of it….patience to wait the moment, think fast to capture the moment, being lucky, strategies to win…manage the time and teamwork….

We finished all the pictures at about 6 p.m….and we fell exhausted and ooowh my leg in pain. need a massage

Even though we didn’t win anything for the main prizes but at least we win for the most sporting group…..nothing to do with any of those pictures….=)…

At the end of the day what I’ve learn is how to take a better pictures, think creative, teamwork, enjoy….and now me and my Nikon D80 we create more understanding for both of us….=))))


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