Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bukit Broga

Last Saturday me and my husband went to do something adventure, we went climbing the small hill Bukit Broga located at Semenyih. Actually this place was suggested by my officemate Alan wee and Wong. On Saturday me make a move around 6.30a.m to search the place. It’s a lesson for me because I didn’t search the place before I really want to go there. Unfortunately we lost about 2 hours just to find the place which is located just near our house…maybe its so early which we can’t find the signboard of University Nottingham which is the best landmark to reach the place…..
Finally at 9.00 am we found the place…..its quite disappointed…..I miss the sunrise….
My husband promises me that tomorrow we try to climb again.
Even its late I try to climb ….mmmm its really need fitness even though the hill its not really difficult but then without any preparation such as water …I manage to get only at the first peak out of 3 peaks….mmm its just frustrated.....

On the next morning we really prepared all the things such as water, chocolate, small towel and torchlight…hope I manage to reach the top……mmm climbing in the early morning really gives you a peace of mind….about 45 minutes I reach the first peak…..
And at the second peak…..all my tiredness just gone when I see the view, I feel the cold wind……I wait there to see the sunrise…..after a while I move to third peak……
It such beautiful scenery….up here……you feel free….calm…and relax…..

At 8.30 I make a move to go down…ooooo this is tougher…it will take less time as compared while we climbing because to go down its easy you to slip and fall and your feet start to shaking…..just be careful you won’t fall…..
So just enjoy all the pictures and I will come again to take more pictures with different angle…..


  1. salam persinggahan,
    That's the spirit of a true photographer. Nice place, nice shots and nice view. And nice blog too!

  2. thank you dr sam.....i am just a beginner,any sharing of knowledge with others will educate me one step ahead.


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