Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Being a mother of qistina, wafiq and maisarah gives me a zillion of precious experience and memories. After 9 years in parenting job, seem like it will never give u a break not even a minute!.......

This experience is not about me become a good mother or not. All mothers in the earth try very hard to become a superb mother as they want to be. As human beings me myself accept I’m not perfect…....we not perfect …we angry, cry, sad, disappointed and most of the time I always feel lazyyyyy……..ahakssss

Being a mother is all about responsibility, compassion and respect. Personally for me it change me a lot, they teach my how to be patience. Patience at most of the time, when they don’t want to get bath, tidy their room, when they don’t want put all their toys at the place as it should be, don’t want to do their homework, watching TV all the time, playing computer games, Nintendo games, ask them to solat and even eat the right food…..quarrel when there is a battle instead for being compromise……….they love to fight to get what they want.

I believe all the parents in this world face the same thing, for me at any circumstances that every mother face through the entire journey first at for most we must be happy first even we have a problem at our office, sibling, friend and others.

For 9 years and I’m still happy doing it, me and my husband doing all the job as early at 5.00 a.m until 10.00 p.m…….its really challenging when you don’t have any helper but at the end of the day you will satisfied with all the jobs. Every one of us have only 24 hours, we get the same portion it’s just a matter how to used the time wisely.

Doing the housework is easy but to raise the children is a life time commitment even after death….it still will be question…sometimes at this point quality does matter rather than quantity.

Regardless what ever the challenge we face in raising them, they such an adorable to be with, cuddle them and be in their world will fade all your bad time for a day….


  1. What a wonderful life u have...hope me one day would feel the same way too..hehe

  2. yup insyallah....pray for that moment and believe on what u wish......
    and whatever it is i know u have great life too diana.....=)


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