Saturday, November 6, 2010

Innovation Day

On November 1, 2010 at our office we have a celebration to our staff by giving them recognition such as “pekerja cemerlang, sumbangan masa terbanyak and etc”. We call it “Hari Inovasi”. On that day we have two competitions first “Most Cleanest and Cheerful Floor” and the second was “Multimedia Competition”. So on that job? was appointed as committee member for multimedia.(sound like poyo jer..). Not only that but me also as a committee for floor photography, I have to update all the pictures for my floor with my other friends. So the result of the competition was won by our floor, “EleveNation”…Yehaaaaa.

So here I cannot share the video maybe one day. The picture below was the picture that I make for the floor. It was a simple, just a one cents idea from me. To all my friends, Congratulation and thanks for all your support, cooperation and hardworking.

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